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Iqra Rose

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‘Iqra’ translates ‘read/recite’.

This timeless piece serves as a reminder of the importance fulfilling our Lord's command to seek knowledge and wisdom. Choose our 'Iqra Rose' and give your loved one a gift that reminds them of their deen and which they can enjoy for years to come.

Our calligrapher would like to extend appreciation to the renowned Arabic artist and calligrapher Osman Ozcay, for inspiration from his "Iqra" pieces.

  • Premium 240gsm thick card
  • High quality foil
  • Premium texture effect
  • Dispatch 3-5 working days

*Frames sold separately and only available for delivery for UK orders. Please note purchasing frames may add up to 5-7 working days to the estimated delivery time given when placing your order.

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